JRK Steel currently handles projects widely ranging in size, scope, and complexity. From small, simple handrails to large and complex buildings, there isn’t much we can’t do. We pride ourselves in readily accepting new challenges, and continually look for new ways to diversify our business. Our work has spanned numerous industries and markets, resulting in a solid base of clients, business partners, and vendors.

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Our Capabilities

Detailing, Connection Design & Model Management

JRK knows that drafting is a critical step in the process of fabricating any steel package. It is completed at the very beginning of each project and directly affects everything from scheduling and quality to the erection process in the field. Our experienced and talented drafters use premium SDS/2 software, widely regarded as an industry-leading steel detailing solution, to model the project in 3-D and then create clean, organized, accurate, and easily readable shop drawings.

During this process JRK drafters work closely with your team, maintaining excellent communication. This allows them to routinely identify conflicts or problems that were missed during the initial design and drafting of the project. In many cases, we have been able to prevent costly delays and or changes later during construction, helping to keep the project within budget and on-time.

Our drafters complete the first, critical steps in the fabrication process. They detail the steel package, manage approvals of shop drawings, create CNC files for the shop and maintain scheduling of the drafting process. Upon the approval of shop drawings, they then work closely with the shop to ensure accurate fabrication.

In addition to their daily tasks, we continually encourage our drafters to seek further training and allow them the time to complete courses. By doing this, we are confident that our employees will remain on the leading edge of capability and knowledge within the various systems they regularly use and will continue to offer exceptional drafting services.


Material Sawing

The initial cutting of raw material is critical to the overall fabrication process. High quality, tight tolerance cuts make the fitting and welding of parts much smoother and quicker, resulting in an excellent finished product.

Our high-quality Marvel hydraulic bandsaw system is capable of cutting 27″x16″ material up to 65′ in length. Combined with our trained operators, tight tolerance and quality standards, and excellent material cut-lists produced by SDS/2 software we can assure consistent, highly accurate cuts.

CNC Sheet/Plate Cutting

Producing precision parts is essential for tight tolerance fabrication projects. JRK uses high quality, extremely accurate CNC cutting systems alongside our SDS/2 detailing software. This allows us to quickly and efficiently produce a wide range of parts from sheet and plate material.

Our 5×10 Plasma table is fast and accurate. Able to hold a tolerance of 0.3mm, and cut at speeds of 600 inches/minute while handling plate thickness up to 1 3/4″, this table performs the majority of our cutting.

Our 6×12 Oxy-Fuel Burn table adds to our cutting capability. Handling larger sheets as thick as 7″ and with 3 cutting heads capable of running simultaneously, this table handles our heavier work while also keeping very tight tolerances.

CNC Beam Punch Line

Delays in steel erection can be costly, in terms of both money and time. One of the most common causes of delays in our industry are incorrectly sized or positioned bolt holes.

Our Peddinghaus CNC Beam Punch Line, when used in conjunction with SDS/2 software, drastically reduces any chance of error with bolt holes. Each piece loaded into the machine is checked against the shop drawing and processed by a pre-loaded CNC file. The CNC files are created by our draftsmen, with dimensions directly translated from the shop drawings, ensuring extremely accurate bolt holes every time.

The punches are capable of handling a wide range of sizes for both flange and web bolts, and can also accommodate “slotted” hole punches. Many projects specify slotted holes where the additional lateral forgiveness they allow makes erection much easier and quicker.

Raw material sizes can be as large as 36″ web height, 12″ flange width, and 80′ in length, and web/flanges up to 3/4″ thick.

This machine also incorporates a CNC Oxy/acetylene coping mechanism, making it capable of highly accurate punching and coping in a single pass.


The layout, fitting, and welding of parts is another critical piece of the fabrication process. The parts delivered to the welders can be perfect, but if they or their equipment are sub-par the end result will probably be the same.

JRK employs experienced welders that are “AWS ” (American Welding Society) certified and highly skilled in reading prints and fitting parts. Our Welding procedures, weld mapping, QA/QC program, and documentation procedures also hold them accountable every step of the way.

Additionally, we invest in high-quality equipment and tools to ensure our team has everything they need to excel. Our welding equipment is regularly certified by a 3rd party to ensure correct operation and results, and we are continually updating our welder inventory.

Talented, dedicated and trained welders, quality certified equipment, complete accountability through QA/QC, weld mapping, and documentation come together as a process that results in excellent weld quality day after day.

Other Capabilities


Priming, painting, powder coating, or galvanizing are all ways to put the finishing touches on a new steel package.

JRK can provide several different coating products to finish off your project. With our knowledge of surface preparation and coating specs, combined with numerous contacts in the coating industry we can certainly get it done right.

Rebar Fabrication

We offer rebar cutting, bending, and fabrication services, detailing projects and producing high-quality shop drawings using SDS/2 software. From smaller numbers of stock lengths or simple bends to larger, more complex projects, we provide a wide range of concrete reinforcing products.

From simpler bends and hoops to fully fabricated cages or mats, our in house rebar fabricating ability covers a wide range of products while reducing errors and lead times.

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