Railings & Stairs 

Versatile. Easy to Install. Highly durable. Extremely quiet. Steel is the obvious choice for railings and stairs.

Railings Styles


  • Wall Mount
  • Single Strand Standing
  • Double Strand
  • Balustrade Rail
  • Steel Frame Cable Railing
  • Horizontal Bar Railing
  • Fully Custom Design
  • Custom Panel Railing

Wall-Mount (single strand)

A simple and economical solution, wall mount handrail can be used wherever there is a suitable surface to which it can be secured. Round and square tubing are the most common choices, but other options are available. Various mounting styles are also available, and with numerous finishing and detail options there are plenty of different finished results possible.

Single Strand Standing

Where the most economical solution is desired and the railing must be secured at the base, a single strand railing with posts will perform well. Build with solid members (typically 1-1/16″ round or square tubing) this design is sturdy and robust in its simplicity.

Double Strand

 A top and mid-rail design, while clean and simple brings a bit more to the finished appearance.

Balustrade Rail

For a traditional appearance balustrade designs are clean, beautiful, and sturdy.  One of the more common styles, they can be highly customized to stand out from the crowd.

Steel Frame Cable Railing

An excellent design with superb visibility through the railing, this option provides a clean look with a modern touch while daring to be different.

Custom Panel Railing

With literally limitless options this design appeals to those who want their own personal touch. The panels are built between posts and rails and can be made however the owner desires. Meshes, screens, patterns, glass and custom CNC-cut reliefs of literally any design are some of the most common choices.

Horizontal Bar Railing

A departure from traditional railings, horizontal members between posts bring a fresh modern feel.


  • Double Steel Stringers
  • Mono Stringer
  • Cantilevered “Floating”
  • Spiral Stairs

Conventional Design With Double Steel Stringers-

Typically much quieter than wood-framed stairs, this design keeps the traditional look of common stairs with added benefits.  Due to the strength of steel and wide range of material sizes available this design can span much further than most wood designs, while also providing a very solid feel. With the quietness of a welded steel construction and the many material and finishing options, this is an excellent choice for many customers. Treads can be steel, wood or concrete.

Mono Stringer

Replacing conventional stringers with a single beam (usually centered) creates a unique “floating” look. This style gives the same benefits as conventional steel stringers, while offering an eye-catching and more modern look.  Options for the center beam include a conventional I-Beam, square or rectangular structural tubing and other custom options. Tread options are similar to conventional, with wood, steel and concrete being the most common.

Cantilevered “Floating” Stairs

Modern in the extreme, this style is eye-catching and edgy. Usually mounted to a structurally sound wall on one side these stairs appear to defy logic. A robust tread design of high rigidity is required to make it work but the results are striking and unique!

Spiral Stairs-

Not new by any stretch but unique in their own right, spiral designs offer access where other designs can’t. Highly customizable and using little floor space, spiral stairs may be the best option for you.

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